Yeojin Bae, fashion designer from Australia

Silence, exercise and Transcendental Meditation The magazine Vogue Australia asked what the fashion set are resolving to do this year. Here’s what the renowned designer Yeojin Bae had to say: “I'm starting 2014 by learning the Transcendental Meditation technique. I plan to incorporate a morning meditation practice every day. Besides this I am becoming more aware of just listening to

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Transcendence: A note from Coni

I like that word. The idea that we can “rise above” something, inferring that we never have to accept things as they are, or at least as they appear to be. Yes, I like that idea. When I was younger, and less introspective, I don’t think the concept held much meaning for me… if I really even considered it at

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Parents content with Maharishi Free School

Maharishi Free School (Lancashire, England) has published some of the feedback from its latest survey among pupils’ parents. Perhaps the most striking outcome was that 100% of parents stated: 'Yes, we’d recommend the school to other parents!' Parents' feedback on Maharishi Free School Here are some excerpts from parents’ feedback. "Gaining a place for my child in a non-faith primary

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Todd Voss: Landscapes and still lifes

Todd Voss is an artist from Hovland, Minnesota. His paintings are executed

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Quiet Time meditation program celebrates its success in San Francisco schools

On May 6th, students at Burton High School in San Francisco meditated

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Editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan, Michele Promaulayko, on clearing out the mental garbage

When Michele Promaulayko was asked to become the new editor-in-chief of the

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WHY MEDITATE? 18 ways meditating can change one’s life

Each person is unique. So are their quests and challenges in life.

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How it all began: Maharishi’s world tour

In the spring of 1959, Indian sage Maharishi Mahesh Yogi set off

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Meditation quotes on business success, love & friendship

People who meditate are intimate with silence. That is exactly the reason

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Why health insurance should cover meditation

As stress continues to be linked to a myriad of health problems

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INTERVIEW: Bob Roth, Executive Director of the David Lynch Foundation

The Transcendental Meditation technique (TM) has been proven to provide top-notch stress

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Debunking 5 Meditation Myths

There are lots of myths about meditation, and in this blog, we will debunk five of the biggest misconceptions. 1. Meditation is hard  Meditation has now become a popular and

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